Dubai Entry Visa

Information on how to obtain an entry visa for Tourist and Visitors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are several different ways to get a visit visa to enter Dubai and other emirates of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Visit Visa – Dubai Visit Visa

A Visit Visa is an entry permit for visitor in Dubai and United Arab Emirates. Dubai Visit Visa is different from a Tourist Visa although they are both entry permits. The difference mostly to do with who the sponsor of the visitor for their trip, the cost, and whether or not the visa is renewable (a tourist visa is, a visit visa is not).

The Visit Visa must be used to enter the UAE within 60 days from being issued, otherwise it expires and you’ll have to get a new one. It can only be used for a single entry, and after exit the visitor must stay away from the UAE for 30 days before re-applying for a new visa (there are some exceptions). A pre-arranged Visit Visa is valid for 30 or 90 days after entry to the UAE, and is not renewable sponsored by company or relative.


Visit Visa on Arrival

This type of visa is valid 30 days, “renewable” (new visa issued each time) indefinitely, available to some nationalities only, obtain at passport control on arrival at any UAE border entry point (airport, land, or sea), new visa can be issued immediately after exit (30 day waiting period outside UAE not required).


Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa valid for 14 days which is good for short term visit. For longer stay a 30 days Tourist Visa is advisable, this will give you more time to explore the country. This is non-renewable.

Transit Visa

A Transit Visa valid for 14 days only. This will allow tourist to stay in the country for 14 days and cannot be extended. Kindly contact us first before applying this type of visa.

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Visit Visa for GCC Residents

30 days, renewable once, costs AED 100. Restricted to certain high-level professions (doctor, teacher, manager, lawyer, etc). Visa fee might be higher than AED 100 . Some sources say this visa is not renewable but that might be old information (unconfirmed).


Property Owner Visa

New in 2009, not clear if regarded as a visit visa or residence visa by the UAE immigration authorities (probably a visit visa), multi-entry, valid 180 days, renewable.


Multi entry visa valid 180 days (or 6 months)

See the Dubai multiple entry visa information.

Visa rules, requirements, prices or any figures mentioned in this website can and do change suddenly, and without a warning. Information here may not be complete or accurate. We recommend to check always the UAE embassy in your country or the relevant authority in the UAE.